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“Competitive advantage represented by Intellectual Capital reaps the highest rewards in the market”
  James Tobin, Nobel Prize winning economist

In the present era of knowledge, Intellectual Capital is the ultimate turbo-charger for growth and competitiveness. Hence, organizations that master the process of creating, developing and protecting their Intellectual Capital with intensity, will emerge as winners, and will obtain superior market valuations.

Intellectual Capital today accounts for more than 75% of the value of most successful companies.  This is not a phenomenon restricted to technology companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon or our own fabulously successful companies like Infosys, Wipro and TCS. Companies like P&G, Coca Cola and Maruti Suzuki derive over 80% of their value from non-physical assets such as brand, technologies and processes.

provides both consulting services and execution support to enterprises enabling them to map, measure, manage, leverage, improve and protect their intangible assets. While some of these services are designed to provide long term competitive advantage, other services meet specific needs such as transaction support and accounting disclosures.  It is now a leader in this space with several marquee clients.

Bizworth's mission is to make Indian companies more aware of the potential of intangible assets in enhancing market value, and to provide a framework to realize the potential.

Bizworth brings to India, for the first time, IC Rating™, an internationally-acclaimed and validated methodology, which enables a company to assess, harness, and energize its Intellectual Capital.

IC Rating TM
is a universally-applicable methodology, created by Intellectual Capital Sweden AB, a world-leader in the arena of Intellectual Capital.  Bizworth is the India business partner of Intellectual Capital Sweden AB.  Globally more than 400 customers have benefited from the IC Rating process.

Organizations need to carry out valuation of Intangibles in a variety of situations such  as transaction support in the case of mergers and acquisitions and for statutory and accounting reasons. Bizworth offers a full range of valuation services.

Bizworth offers comprehensive suite of services in the intellectual property area that enables organizations to develop and execute their IP strategy.

Once an organization has identified its gap and opportunity areas,   we provide consulting services to develop and deploy an appropriate action plan.

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