Valuation of Intangibles

Bizworth’s deep understanding of intangibles, together with its highly experienced team, positions it uniquely to provide both enterprise level valuation as well as valuation of specific intangible assets such as brands, customer relationships and IPs.

At a strategic level, our customers use our valuation services to support corporate transactions such as investments, acquisitions and mergers.  This helps them to improve not just negotiation capability and decision making but also documentation.  To give just one example, properly structured acquisition documents can significantly improve the potential of obtaining tax amortization benefits under the Indian Income tax Act.   

Valuation services are also extensively used at an operational level.  For example, to meet requirements under US GAAP/IFRS  for purchase price allocation, amortization of intangibles and testing for impairment; or to meet requirements under US and India taxation regulations for fair valuation of stock options. Bizworth has a tie up with a SEBI category I merchant banker to provide certifications needed under the fringe benefit tax computation guidelines.

We are unique in being able to  combine our understanding of the regulatory environment, intangible value drivers and the M&A market place to deliver unparalleled value to our customers.
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