IP Consulting Services


Riding on its strong intellectual capital, Bizworth offers a compelling value proposition in IP consulting. Armed with a strong management team, Bizworth supports global IT companies, law firms, startups and solo practitioners in their quest for a coherent IP strategy. Bizworth offers a highly competent management team, qualified domain experts, and an intense work ethic. The people behind Bizworth have a long track record of serving large corporations; people who have delivered consistent results for some of the biggest companies in the world.

IP consulting Services

Bizworth offers the following services:
  • IP Consulting – IP strategy, IP portfolio analysis, IP landscaping, IP Audit, Patent infringements/invalidation, IP licensing.

  • IP Prosecution – Drafting patent applications, claims writing, prior art search.

  • IP Valuation

Key Customers

Global IT companies, Law firms, IP-centric companies, Startups.

Service models

Successful companies have used patents to capture and defend markets, outflank rivals, boost bottom lines and shareholder returns, and enhance the commercial success of their enterprises. Bizworth can help managers to develop a coherent IP strategy that is a true value driver for the company.
Bizworth IP assists Indian and global law firms in patent prosecution by handling the drafting of patent applications ready to be filed anywhere in the world, including PCT applications. Prior art search/Invalidation assignments involve searching global databases, at the end of which an opinion is provided with on the patentability/invalidation of the patent.

Growth drivers

  • Exponential growth in global patent filing.
  • Indian companies rapidly becoming IP-centric.
  • Stagnating IP budgets and time pressures forcing global companies to look at outsourcing.
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