Customer Testimonials

SAAB Industrial

“We occasionally make investments in countries where financial data is not always reliable. The non-financial tool licensed from Intellectual Capital Sweden AB has therefore proven absolutely crucial in complementing the financial information. In our last case, the tool revealed several severe issues that were unknown to the Board as well as the CEO. We did not make the investment.
” Magnus Lindberg, Vice President SAAB Industrial"

Goodyear, Tires

“The rating project was requested from our regional manager for corporate governance reasons. At first we received this request with mixed emotions since we were in the middle of yearly budgeting, and we were up to our ears with work. Judging from the result of IC Rating™ - the project was a very good call by Region. The extra work load was kept to a minimum due to a very effective method, and the outcome did not only improve the governance platform for Region, but opened up improvement areas with financial potential that we had not seen before.”

Ericsson Dedicated Networks, Telecom

“The IC Rating™ was the ideal toolbox for us to illuminate our discontent with how our unit was handled from the Company Group level. The risks in many sections of our intangibles became obvious and served as a common platform for the discussions around the management buy-out process.”
Anders Eriksson, BU Manager, Ericsson Dedicated Networks

Hitachi, Technology Group Level

“The IC Rating™ process is invaluable support to us in transforming the Group to a service excellence company. The challenge to keep all value driving processes in pace with our strategic change efforts is managed through the rating results and the necessity to control the transformation through a strong performance measurement system is satisfied with this process.” 

Work Cover Corporation South Australia - Government Authority:

“The IC Rating™ gave the organization a common ‘map’ of our weak areas, and at the same time provided a comprehensive framework to work with these issues. From a decision-making point this was of great value to us. Based on the rating results we are now working with the targeted areas throughout the organization.”
Keith Brown, CEO
Robert Butler, General Manager

Norsk Tipping - State-owned betting company:

“Our initial purpose with the IC Rating™ was external communication, but it turned out to be a tremendous driver for change throughout the organization. The rating gives the whole organization a common picture of strengths, weaknesses and threats. The rating result therefore forms an integral part in our strategy process. Furthermore it is a very useful base for decision-making on both strategic and operational level.”
Reidar Nordby Jr, CEO

DCM Group - Traditional Industry:

”We found the basis and the goals to our Balanced Score Card in the IC Rating™. The rating gave us a holistic view of strength and weaknesses within the company group. Through the rating we have a concrete way of comparing the subsidiaries which enables them to learn from each other.”
Anders Sandstorm, President DCM Sweden and deputy CEO of DCM Group

”The decision to present the company group’s IC Rating™ in connection to the IPO was made in order to provide a more complete picture of the company’s overall potential and future earnings. It also shows that our company group is one step ahead of the competitors in terms of analyzing and measuring the Intellectual Capital.”
Johan Ahlgren, CEO

Turn IT - IT Industry:

”IC Rating™ gives us the market’s view of the developing companies and clarifies their potential. In terms of the more established and already profitable companies, the IC Rating™ serves as a certificate and proof of that everything is safe and sound. At the same time, the rating clearly states which areas to further improve in order to sharpen the competitive edge.”
Peter Enström, former CEO
Anders Hägg, President Arete IT Consultants


“IC Rating™ formed the basis for management planning in the process of changing a project organization to become a separate unit within the bank.”
“By providing an overall picture which was easy to grasp, we understood our strengths and weaknesses, internal as well as external. This is helping us to, in the right way, drive the business forward.”
Ann-Marie Winberg, Process Manager SEB e-banking
Lars Ekstedt  Head of Division SEB e-banking


”A good way to find and concretize the weak and strong areas in the organization. A powerful material for establishing a bonus system.”
“Out of the analysis of our strengths and weaknesses, there was a natural logic in trying to become better in the areas where we proved to be weak. The bonus system focused on these explicit areas, and measured improvements result in a bonus.”
Svante Ödman General Manager, SEB Trygg-Liv

Venture Capital:

”IC Rating™ gave us the complete basis for decision making, and provided us with adequate information which lead us to exit from an investment.” 
“In a situation difficult to assess, the external analysis of IC Rating™ gave the whole picture of the intangible assets.”
Magnus Ehrenstråhle, Investment Manager Swedish Industry Fund

Traditional Industry:

“With the rating we are improving our prerequisites in terms of profitability, growth and innovative ability by creating an Intellectual Capital Business Control System, also including benchmarking between the subsidiaries.”
Johan Ahlgren President and CEO, DCM Group

Public Sector:

”The weak areas of the organization were brought to our knowledge. We realized the importance of marketing the school, and also to better use the external relations for different needs. The IC Rating™ further pointed out deficiencies in our internal processes, that we were not aware of previously.”
Oddvar Jansen Rektor, Viken Folkhøgskole
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