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Bizworth India Private Limited is a next-generation consulting company specializing in Intellectual Capital assessment, valuation and protection. Bizworth is considered to be the only consulting company in India to be totally focused on Intellectual Capital.

Bizworth brings to India, for the first time, IC Rating, an internationally-acclaimed and validated methodology, which enables a company to assess, harness, and energize its Intellectual Capital. IC Rating™ is a universally applicable methodology, created by Intellectual Capital Sweden AB, a world-leader in the arena of Intellectual Capital. Bizworth is the India business partner of Intellectual Capital Sweden AB.

Bizworth’s deep understanding of intangibles, together with its highly experienced team, positions it uniquely for providing valuation services in the context of corporate transactions, Intellectual Property valuation, Stock option pricing and accounting requirements under US GAAP and IFRS.

Bizworth helps clients with protection, licensing, valuation and audit of Intellectual Property besides filing for patents and claims writing.

For more information contact SR Gopalan at +91 80 41142626
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